are audio podcasts as well as a written excerpt from THEN LIKE THE BLIND MAN / Orbie's Story, which is now available in both Kindle and Trade Paperback versions.  You will also find (down the road) audio recordings of mine and other's poetry. Deniro in Cape Fear. Click his image to read more.I'm now in the early stages of developing this site, but currently have posted three audio episodes from Then Like The Blind Man / Orbie's Story with the entire book to be posted here in the future.  My plan is to serialize the entire novel episode by episode, posting these as I create them so that you may listen to them (or download them) free of charge.  (These will eventually be available on iTunes and on Podiobooks.) You can also read an excerpt from the novel here in reader-friendly format. The advantage for me of course is exposure and in having an opportunity to offer my book for purchase either in Kindle or Trade Paperback form.


literary worlds, worlds based on writings read aloud in dramatic fashion, painstakingly embroidered with sound effects and musical loops.  Each recording may be regarded as a production unto itself, complete and fully self contained though related to others - as chapters or episodes are related in novels or as poems are related tangentially or in juxtaposition in poetic collections.  In any event, the productions here fall consistently 'outside the box', having been made by me at home in an oversized closet outfitted with acoustical foam, condenser mic, pop filter and a Mac Book Pro with Garage Band software.


 Sample Podcast and Slideshow*

*To View In Full Screen Mode: Start the show. Click "close" (lower right corner). The show will stop. Click 'full screen' (atop the band of images). Now click on any image along the band of images. When the images begin to cycle, click play for sound (again lower right corner).


Whether You Are A Writer Or A Reader You

can post to The Fred File which is a blog I've recently begun to discuss the tribulations of publishing independently, of blind men writing blindly and other spiritual torments.  Here you can post your comments and/or reference links to your own or other websites if you feel they apply and would be useful to others. I would invite you to share your thoughts about the ways in which new work is presented - especially where it has taken an unconventional route to publication. What works? What doesn't? 

I invite you to discuss any related issues as well, trusting such discussion will contribute to the evolution not only of my work but also of yours (if artist you be) and to the development of this site. Passionate dialogue and enquiry - short of the hateful diatribe - is encouraged wholeheartedly. 

You can also post (to SoundCloud) positive and/or critical comments you care to make. Zero in on a specific portion in a podcast and make comments simply by clicking at any point along the player's timeline.  

In the future I plan to record my poetry, utilizing music and sound where I may. You may also find posted to this site experimental interpretations of the works of other poets (famous and not so famous).




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