That Which First Troubled Us

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A brooding thought or two...

Check out Blind Man's Amazon Page I aspire to literary fiction - but I think I may be more of a crusader-novelist than I would like to admit. I haven't written in other genres (or on second thought maybe I have and just don't know it yet) so I really don't know what it would be like to do so. I imagine that genre writers do a good deal more of preplanning, you know, of the sort that requires outlines and careful, even meticulous, attention to things like plot points and how to best position them along the line of the story the better to form 'mind blowing' (hyperbole mine) transitions from beginning to middle to end - all well and exceedingly good no doubt. On the other hand, writing literary fiction - if that is what I am trying to do - seems messier and I think must involve a fair amount of brooding, imagining hairline fractures (where none exist) or just fumbling about aimlessly in the dark. Here's a quote from Eudora Welty that I think speaks to this. From The Eye of the Story / On Plot and The Crusader Novelist: "With a blueprint to work with instead of a vision, there is a good deal that we as the crusader-novelist must be at pains to leave out. Unavoidably, I think, we shall leave out one of the greatest things.

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Virtual Book Tours / Love 'em or Leave 'em?

Hello everybody. Freddie Owens here with another post - at long last.   Today I want to begin a discussion about virtual book tour companies and whether or not we as authors ought to invest our hard earned dollars to engage them. A virtual book tour is essentially a blog tour set up and designed to promote a book or books (newly released or not). With the explosive growth of the internet, a lot of authors have resorted to using them instead of going it the old fashion 'brick and mortar' way, i.e., traveling about the country to various cities, making appearances at various (sometimes out of the way) bookstores, which it occures to me could be a lot more expensive than a virtual tour (though these too can be expensive, ranging anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to well over a thousand).

Anyway, I have been considering this as a possibility for promoting my own book, Then Like the Blind Man: Orbie's Story  and came across in my research Dorothy Thompson whose company Pump Up Your Book designs and sets up virtual book tours for authors, some of which are relatively inexpensive consisting of 5 to 10 blog stops, some of moderate to high expense ($300 to $600) consisting of from 10 to as many as 30+ blog stops lasting anywhere from a week to a month or two and one exorbantly priced package ($1,400.00) lasting three months with a lot of 'extras' and 45+ blog stops. A lot of my writer-friends cautioned me about virtual book tour companies, asserting (and rightly so) that there were disreputable companies out there waiting to take advantage of the unsuspecting, naive, newbie to the literary world. They rightly pegged me as one of those and so I'm grateful for their warnings, which inspired me

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The 'N-word' in literary fiction.

I'm excited by a few upcoming events. My book giveaway on Goodreads will begin on the 5th of January and will run for 30 days. I'll be giving away 30 Trade Paperback Copies of Then Like the Blind Man / Orbie's Story and am trying to think of ways to let Goodread members know about it. I've taken out an ad on Goodreads to run concomitantly with the giveaway. That should help. I'm also considering another such ad on Facebook but am not sure yet how I might set that up.  Blah Blah Blah  Anyway, my blood sugar must also be up and coming as I feel something akin to a hissing inside both my ears. Must be the cinnamon rolls I et for lunch, all that candied icing. Yum.

Anyway, the Kindle version of Then Like the Blind Man will

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Where I'm Coming From.

Check Out The BookHello everybody. This is yours truly, Freddie Owens, coming to you from the blogosphere, which in reality is an oversized closet with squares of burgundy foam glued to the walls for sound absorption. That's it, that's what the blogosphere is, or at least how I imagine it to be all over the world, closets everywhere populated by The Lone Rangers of Hope and Fear, i.e., bloggers of the existential and the mundane, of the profound, the funny and the 'give me a break'. Anyway - this is my first post, inspired by the need to get the message out about my debut novel Then Like the Blind Man / Orbie's Story. After many years of 'almost' and 'no' or 'yes but we wouldn't know how to market it' from agents and publishers alike, I've opted for 'certainly' and 'yes' instead, taking all my marbles to Amazon's Independent Publisher's Assistant, Createspace, which has become Blind Sight Publication's home base (sort of).

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